Wellness on Whyte: A Sanctuary for Community, Health & Vitality

Wellness on Whyte: A Sanctuary for Community, Health & Vitality
June 1, 2012 WoW admin

 One of the most rewarding aspects of our practice at Wellness on Whyte is the number of people who “just drop in” to discover what it is we do here. We are seeing a growing community of people who are actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle and are genuinely interested in taking care of themselves.  The words we hear most often are: “It’s so calm in here.” This is exactly what we wanted to create and to see it unfolding is gratifying.

 Well then, what is it that we do here?

We are a multidisciplinary team who share a common vision. Our focus is to create a space where you feel comfortable, relaxed and assured that you are receiving exceptional care by therapists who complement your approach to health and wellness.

 We provide acupuncture, facial rejuvenation acupuncture, facials, reflexology, reiki, flower essence therapy, massage therapy as well as Thai massage therapy. We also have an infrared sauna that was custom built for us. Imagine an hour relaxing along with the healing benefits of the sauna.

 Our Approach:

It’s all about finding balance in our lives. Eating well, appreciating our work, finding time to play and getting enough rest to let the body and mind feel rejuvenated. When all is in balance we generally feel healthy. Often though because of all that we have to get accomplished in our lives, we become imbalanced in one or more of these areas. We lose that precious time we need to slow down and catch up.

Our approach is to create an environment that gives you that time as well as access to a variety of modalities that support healing and wellness. The therapies we provide often complement each other and work well together.

 In further writings, we’ll be introducing each of our therapists as well as providing more information on the modalities. Please feel welcome to come by and visit and take a tour. We look forward to meeting you.

In Wellness,

Paul Cramer and the team at Wellness on Whyte


Paul is a:

RMT, Certified Thai Massage Therapist
Registered Yoga Teacher
Member of Natural Health Practitioners of Canada


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