Snuggling Up To Change

Snuggling Up To Change
February 1, 2013 WoW admin

Happy February everyone! I don’t know about you, but I perceive that these days are ones of great change. Change, of course, is wonderful and very necessary. And change is necessary as equally as it is challenging. No one ever said challenge was negative, or even positive for that matter, it just is, and it presents us with a wealth of opportunities for learning and growing into Who it is that We Really Are. I believe that is our true purpose here on earth, to learn and develop more and more into Who We Really Are. In order to do that, we need to be challenged by change. Change, which pushes against us, inviting us to look at our values, our shortcomings and our insecurities.

During this very auspicious month of February in 2013, I invite us to not only look at and consider change, but to snuggle up to it. Our fearless leader, Geha, once lent me this beautiful and very effectively written book Sacred Commerce: Business As a Path of Awakening, by Matthew & Terces Engelheart, in which the authors encourage you to “lean in to the discomfort”. The more we lean in to what we might otherwise resist, the more we ride with resilience upon a road that we may perceive to be bumpy. What is a bumpy road anyway? It’s just a bumpy road. It only becomes “good” or “bad” or “tumultuous” or “challenging” when we assign those ideas to it. And so I invite us to welcome change onto the horizon of our lives. And with each changing tide, I also invite us to fully feel what we’re feeling in response to the change. It’s ok to be scared, angry or sad. The more we acknowledge our feelings that we so often stuff down, the more quickly they pass through and the more we are able to roll with the so-called “punches” of life. Though we may decide to perceive those “punches” as love taps instead…

We are so grateful for change as it brings us more and more into Who it is that We Really Are. And we remember that no change can occur that we did not call forward at some level into our very own lives.

Here at Wellness on Whyte, we want to support you during this time of great change. In concert with February’s pervasive Love theme, we’ve decided to extend a whole month of Valentine’s Day specials! And if that’s not exciting enough, we’re also offering an enticing invitation to sparkle like you so very much deserve to with Geha for her Spring Renewal Yoga Retreat.

We very much look forward to walking alongside you on this road with ever-changing conditions. Thank you for walking with us.

Roberta Shepherd for Wellness on Whyte