Magical, Meaningful Mothers!

Magical, Meaningful Mothers!
April 19, 2013 WoW admin

With May knocking on our door, of course Mother’s Day comes to mind. Mother’s Day means many things to many people but, essentially, it’s an opportunity to honor and celebrate mothers, as well as all that mothers symbolize: fertility, nurturance, gentleness, comfort. For those who are unable to recognize an empowering experience with their worldly mothers, it’s valuable for them to honor the archetypal mother; the earth mother.

As for worldly mothers, I will use any platform to honour mine. I am so very grateful for my mother and all she has offered over the years. When I think of my mother, I think of my tears being wiped away. I think of empathy. A gentle stroking of my hair when I was tired or emotional. A comfortable hug that, when delivered in a standing position, turned in to a synchronous and meditative rocking, back and forth, together. I think all mothers shout sometimes, as patience wanes in particular circumstances and even just if they’re having a bad day. The cool thing is, it’s not the shouting that I remember when I think about my mom, it’s the tenderness. That fact leaves me feeling encouraged as it relates to my own journey with parenthood. God knows there are times when all I can consider is how many times I’ve shouted at my son, forgetting all the times I smiled, hugged, encouraged and comforted. My hope is that the loving memories will be the ones that stand at the forefront of his mind when he reaches adulthood.

Mothering is a challenge and a treasure. The hardest and most rewarding job you’ll ever know. I can’t help but also think of my younger sister, who I endlessly look up to for her ability to be a single mother in the midst of an onslaught of personal challenge, all the while maintaining patience and understanding for my nephews, who are blessed to perceive her as their example.

Mothering is an opportunity. An opportunity and an impetus to be all that you know you inherently are. For me, mothering came at a so called “inopportune” time – as if anyone is ever “ready” to be a mother for the first time! I was having a lot of fun partying and shirking responsibility and then, a beam of light graced my fruitful womb. 4 years deep, I have only just begun to lovingly embrace my special role as “mother”, for it is upon this journey that I have often painfully perceived my own shortcomings. Lucky for me and everyone around me, I’ve been able to transform many of them – further peeling my own personal onion and changing myself for the better is a blessing that I will never stop admiring. For me, a bringer of that blessing is a 4-foot tall, curly-haired, smooth-skinned, lively, hilarious and always spontaneous little guy called Caleb. Mother’s Day is equally a chance for me to celebrate his presence as it is a chance for him to acknowledge mine.

Caleb and me.

Caleb and me.

Might we always celebrate all that mothers and mothering brings. For those of us with mothers here on earth, might we recognize and bask in the love with which our mothers have perceived our faces. For those of us gifted with the role of “mother”, might we rise to this role, always aware of the young teachers that stand before us. And for all of us who choose to acknowledge the great Mother Earth as a primary source of nurturance, might we extend unending gratitude for the rich soils, majestic trees and great waters she has given us.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!

Why not recognize all the mothers in your life by WoW’ing them at our beautiful sanctuary: Please check out our Mother’s Day specials on our website and book online or call us at 780-437-9355.

Anyone who has or has had a challenging relationship with their mother, or who has lost their mother and is having difficulty with that might strongly consider a therapeutic re-mothering experience with the support of flower essences. Mariposa Lily is the essential “mother essence”, healing any pain associated with a deficient relationship to the mother and imparting a healthy re-mothering experience. As always, I would be happy to facilitate your use of flower essences, introducing them to you here at Wellness on Whyte.

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Roberta Shepherd for Wellness on Whyte