Earth Element & Self-Care

Earth Element & Self-Care
March 8, 2014 WoW admin

As highlighted in our monthly newsletter, March, according to concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the time of the spleen and its partner organ, the stomach. This month is also associated with the Earth element. Earth element is in the spotlight whenever the seasons are changing, and while Edmonton is showing great hesitation in revealing the start of spring, it IS impending!

The spleen’s job is to absorb, transport and transform. The spleen supports us to digest not only our food, but our thoughts as well. In order to properly absorb and transport food and thought energy for the purpose of transformation, we must be slow and take care, paying homage to the message of the Earth element.

Earth element is about generating abundance and nurturing that results in the ripening of the life force energy. There are many parallels between what is happening with the earth during the changing of the seasons and what goes on in our bodies. The earth is preparing and taking care so it can swell its energy upwards to generate the spring blossoms that come from buds. March reveals the buds that carry so much potential for the near future. In order to generate the beauty of May, Mother Earth must take care and patiently maintain her energy in March. Her

Thank you to Sue Gaviller & Not Another Gardening Blog for this image:

Thank you to Sue Gaviller & Not Another Gardening Blog for this image.

message to us is to do the same.

It’s all the more perfect that today marks International Women’s Day. As we celebrate women the world over, we are reminded of the energy of woman: gentle, nurturing, tender, slow, soft. We are reminded that woman is mother and that mother is concerned with taking care. So must we take care of ourselves this month as we prepare for the imminent movement of spring.

Consider your favorite self-care techniques this month and put them into practice. A hot bath with Epsom salts, a self-massage of the heart centre before bed, a slow walk with the one you love, a mindfully prepared meal of soaked grains and root vegetables… While self-care is always in order, now is the time, more than ever, to nurture yourself in preparation for change.

Essential oils are a phenomenal way to promote the free flow of life force energy, otherwise known as “Qi”. Consider a breast massage or one of our custom-made bath salts or I Am room sprays. Essential Clearing is a client favorite, infused with customized essential oils and flower essences for clearing space. Check out our list of services to choose the treatment that most resonates with your call to self-care at this time. 

Return to your Self this month. Heed the call of your inner mother who implores you to take great care. We graciously support you during this time of Earth element and beyond, towards transformation.

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