Relaxing, Custom Treatments JUST for YOU!

Relaxing, Custom Treatments JUST for YOU!
August 6, 2015 WoW admin

Here at Wellness on Whyte, we pride ourselves on our offerings of unique, customized treatment protocols JUST for YOU!

What does that mean?

PageLines- august-tuning-forks.jpgIt means that while you may have booked yourself in for an acupuncture treatment, don’t be surprised when you also receive a little Shiatsu, experience aromatherapy, the healing vibration of *tuning forks (pictured, left) and maybe even a light head massage! Come in for foot reflexology, and you may also have the pleasure of seeing what Reiki or Flower Essences are all about. Book yourself in for a massage and you might know what it’s like to have **cupping done.

All of these add-ons are offered in a customized way, depending on what’s going on for YOU and based on the PageLines- DIS4.jpgpractitioner’s intuition about what would best meet your wellness needs. What’s more, our add-ons help to promote deeper relaxation, and we all know that relaxation, in itself, is a therapeutic experience. What with all the depression, anxiety and overwhelm that we’re all subject to in this high-paced world, who couldn’t use a little extra pampering.

You see, we’re committed to creating the BEST treatment protocol for YOU. To meeting YOUR unique needs. To creating a healing and relaxing experience that is all YOUR own. And we promise you will leave feeling blissed-out, seen and heard and wholly tended to.

Come explore the extras that WoW has to offer!

*Tuning forks work to break up energy blockages with vibration. They feel very good and grounding.
**Cupping is the use of suction devices that pull blood to the surface, removing stagnation, helping to relieve soreness and general imbalances.