Heal Your Hard-Working Hands with Reflexology

Heal Your Hard-Working Hands with Reflexology
September 10, 2015 WoW admin

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a hand reflexology treatment with Brittany. I’m also a reflexologist and an independent mom, so I have hard-working hands! That being said, I was pretty excited to indulge myself with Brittany’s skills.

Reflexology is a system whereby reflex zones on the hands or feet are worked with pressure and specific massage techniques. The reflex zones are associated with all the systems, organs, glands and parts of the body. By working the reflex zones, energy is sent via pathways, knows as “zones”, to the associated systems, organs, glands and parts. This clears any blockage of energy along the zones and treats all associated parts, relieving stagnation, inflammation and pain, and allowing the body to work better. The goal of reflexology is to activate the body’s innate systems of healing, imparting balance and relaxation.

When I arrived for my treatment, even though I’m a colleague, I was offered yummy fruit and herb-infused water (if you haven’t visited us yet, you should know that we infuse our drinking water with different combinations of fruits and/or herbs every day!IMG_0136). I was invited to relax and put my things aside. I was escorted into a dim treatment room with a candle flickering in the corner and aromatherapy wafting through the air. I felt immediately at ease.

After talking to me about what’s going on for me and my body and establishing a focus for her protocol, Brittany invited me to lie down on the treatment bed with a pillow under my knees for comfort. I was pleased and soothed by the heated pad beneath me and the comfy blanket on top of me.

From there, bliss ensued. Brittany gently but firmly worked every part of my hands, as well as my arms below the elbow. After she worked each hand, she wrapped it in a hot towel, which feels amazing and super soothing. Somewhere along the way I drifted out of consciousness, coming back to the feeling of the hot towel. At the end, Brittany treated me to more aromatic pleasures by rubbing a choice blend of essential oils on her hands and waving her hands above my face. Incredible.

Finally, I was told to relax and let the treatment integrate and to take my time. I truly felt as though I was coming back from a mini holiday. In this world where everything moves so fast and hyper-stimulus is the norm, a mini holiday such as this is not only welcomed but integral.

Come heal your hard-working hands while soothing your soul and indulging in a much-deserved mini holiday of your own.

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