I Am Woman Breast Massage

I Am Woman Breast Massage
September 29, 2016 WoW admin

Here at Wellness on Whyte, we offer a service called I Am Woman Breast Massage. This service is the perfect exploration of femininity while being amazing at promoting lymphatic flow in the breast region. I Am Woman combines massage techniques with light movements in, around and on the breast region that are profoundly relaxing and function to create movement of the lymphatic system, thereby relieving congestion of that system in this area of the body.

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I Am Woman also integrates the use of a specialized breast serum, applied topically to the area, and a mask infused with custom-created Flower Essences specifically formulated to heal the heart center and promote self-nurturing.

This service is well-suited for anyone who has undergone mastectomy, experiences PMS including tender breasts, has fibrocystic breasts is peri, pre or post-menopausal or menopausal or suffers from tender breasts for any reason. This is also a perfect service for anyone who struggles to accept and embrace their feminine side. I Am Woman is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate oneself as woman and the sacredness of the female body. The breast region is also the area of the heart chakra: an energy vortex that is associated with love and nurturing. By nurturing your Self with an I Am Woman Breast Massage, you send a signal to yourself that you love yourself, you are a sacred temple of femininity and you are worthwhile. You also take the risk of making yourself vulnerable by exposing your heart chakra, that tender part of the Self where love and loss live. And what power we find in the ability to be vulnerable!

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