The RevitaPen at Wellness on Whyte

The RevitaPen at Wellness on Whyte
January 26, 2017 WoW admin

Introducing the RevitaPen at Wellness on Whyte! RevitaPen is a product of  the incredible range of Osmosis Medical Skincare .

The RevitaPen is a noninvasive cosmetic device used to enhance Osmosis product absorption. Each disposable tip for the RevitaPen is made from surgical stainless steel and covered in tiny cone-shaped protrusions that when applied to the face, in combination with the rhythmic tapping afforded by the device, creates microchannels on the surface of the skin. These microchannels allow for deeper product penetration while also facilitating collagen stimulation, gentle exfoliation, increased hydration and circulation, diminished scar tissue, reduced pore size, blemishes, fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation.  All of these benefits combined make for more instant and lasting results from your facial products and services.  Younger looking skin is one appointment away with the RevitaPen!

Now you can explore a RevitaPen Facial as a 45-minute stand-alone facial treatment or try our Revitapen Deluxe Facial, which also includes extraction.

*Not suitable for those with acne, inflammation, or eczema.   Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers may wish to consult with their physician prior to having a Revitapen Facial.

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