Detox Products at Wellness on Whyte

Detox Products at Wellness on Whyte
July 26, 2017 WoW admin

Fall can be an important time to cleanse the body of accumulated summer waste so as to free up energy and support overall wellness.

During summer, we are drawn to expand our energy outward and tend to focus on expending more energy along with drinking cooler drinks, eating less and more cooling foods. While this is in alignment with the summer season, it’s easy to get out of balance with too much activity. These imbalances can cause a tendency to nurture ourselves to excess by going overboard with cooked, sweet, starchy and heavy foods. This can result in weight gain, reduced fitness, accumulated toxins and mood imbalances. This sets the stage for a need to detox and rejuvenate oneself at the outset of spring.

Tri PowAt Wellness on Whyte, we have a variety of products that will support you with a spring cleanse!

Tri Pow greens is a combination of high quality Spirulina and Chlorella. Spirulina and Chlorella are both edible algae that boast an impressive list of health-promoting qualities including the fact that they are high in protein, contain a wide spectrum of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, and are valuable antioxidants. Tri Pow is also alkalizing for the internal system. Toxins can only live in an acidic environment as well as the fact that they promote acidity in the body. When the body is overly acidic, an array of symptomsDetox products 3 can present themselves such as headaches, sore muscles and joints, digestive disturbances, depression, difficult menstrual cycles, exhaustion, skin imbalances and constipation. By promoting an alkaline internal environment, our bodies are able to get rid of toxins and maintain a healthier state.

2 particular herbal tinctures that we stock, Black Walnut Combination #1 and Dandelion Combination #1, are combinations of herbs that are tonifying to the digestive system including the liver and gallbladder. Besides strengthening the digestive process, these herbal combinations promote detoxification via the liver, gallbladder, digestive tract and kidneys. Both are perfect detox remedies.

Finally, consider our Biotherapeutic Drainage combinations. All combinations contain homeopathic remedies that are paired to body systems such as liver & kidneys, urinary and immune. These remedies are designed to support elimination via these systems and improve overall function.

Products that support body detox should always be paired with a clean and simple diet – this includes the elimination of sugar, processed and refined foods, coffee (if possible), wheat and dairy. Focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, clean protein sources and limited grains like quinoa. Make sure to drink plenty of clean water with fresh lemon , use the infrared sauna 1-3 times per week, take Epsom salts baths 1-3 times per week (1-2 cups of Epsom salts per bath), pursue dry skin brushing, get plenty of rest, get a minimum of 20-minutes low-intensity exercise 3-5 times per week and consider taking a good mineral supplement. Body work like massage, reflexology, lymphatic drainage massage and bio lymph drainage are also great adjuncts to any cleansing protocol.