Products that Build Immunity

Products that Build Immunity
September 27, 2017 WoW admin

We all know that fall coming into winter is prime time for colds and flus. Luckily, at Wellness on Whyte, we have you covered with products to ease your transition into your winter routine. Getting back to work and coming down from your busy summer is an important time to build up your immunity and carry you through the Winter. At Wellness on Whyte we have carefully and strategically chosen products that will help to build your immune system and fight off the colds and flus that often hit us.


A simple step to building up your immune system is making sure your electrolytes are replenished at all times. Products like; Emergen-C, are a quick and simple way to boost your electrolytes, which in turn aids in your immunity. Your immune system is affected by your bodies hydration, if your body is not hydrated enough, your immune system is depleted. Replenishing your electrolytes increases your potassium, magnesium, water and salt content which keeps your body hydrated.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a well known supplement to aid in warding off colds, flus and builds your immunity. The reason why this commonly known vitamin is so helpful in building your immune system is due to its ability to enable your bodies antimicrobial peptides. These are what contribute to your body being able to rid itself of inflammation and infection.

Tri Pow 

At Wellness on Whyte to consciously decided to bring in a local product called; Tri Pow. With it’s simple ingredients, Spirulina and Chlorella, this powder contains some of natures Super Foods. With these two super greens having the ability to fill your body with essential nutrients, they are important contributors to allowing your body to fight off inflammation and infection.

Viruses are opportunistic, which means they are only able to flourish or make a strong impact when the surface they are on is weaker than them. Building your own immune system with simple products like these allow you to not become immune-compromised or for viruses to take over in your body.

These are just a few of the products that Wellness on Whyte carries, in store, to help I’m building your immune system. We have countless others, so come in and let us build a custom product combination to transition you into Winter.