How to Live a Heart Focused Life

How to Live a Heart Focused Life
January 27, 2018 WoW admin

Alanna PratherA Case for Heart-Focused Living

By Alanna Prather

Have you ever wondered whether you’re really showing up for your life?  Or wished that you could, more?  Have emotions gotten the best of you or adversely impacted your life?  Do you ever have trouble appreciating who you are, or question the contribution you are making in the world?  Where do you turn when you are suffering? When you are struggling with pain, grief, feel disconnected, or lost?  Have self-destructive lifestyle choices become a concern? What does life look like when you are stressed? How do you stay strong, energized, motivated or on-track?  How well do you bounce back?

Being human means we will encounter things in life that bring rise to these questions or the need to ask them, and equally so as humans, we will want to avoid a lot of the pain.  Seeking answers to questions, such as these, are the reason many of us are intentionally learning to cultivate our heart’s intelligence. It is a means of reducing suffering.  If the moment you’re in won’t give you a break, you can learn to turn to your heart and find some peace there. 

What we know now, scientifically, is that the human heart has the capacity for intelligence.  Some call it the “Heart-Brain”.  Your Heart Brain can be accessed, activated and programmed to create solace and offer unique personal insight. Accessing this and cultivating a Heart Focused Life comes with practice. A specific, but very clear and easy practice.

I began using the techniques researched and developed by the HeartMath® Institute in 2010 to address these kinds of questions I had for myself. I went on to develop a Coaching and Mentoring practice to share this knowledge of Heart Coherence, so that other people could use it to transform in their own lives.  It’s about life off the mat or meditation cushion, how we treat ourselves and others, how to find true north or the best path out of the forest.

Heart Based Living is a beautiful journey.  Irrespective of anything else they’ve been involved in, almost everyone I have helped to cultivate a Heart Based practice is surprised by the truth and the power of their hearts. They begin to realized that their hearts impact not only themselves but the world around them. It takes practice to see the results, but I’ve never met anyone who regretted making the effort.

Get to know your Heart.  It has answers your mind is not designed to find.

Alanna Prather RMT, TMTT offers HeartMath® Coaching and Heart Sangha community support through Wellness on Whyte. 

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