I am Transformed

I am Transformed
May 31, 2018 WoW admin

Transformation is a process best seen in nature demonstrated by caterpillars changing into butterflies and hot lava turning into beautiful islands. The same contents being re-made into something completely different but altogether the same essence.

But how is transformation seen within ourselves?

To dive deeper into this mantra, transformation is an experience we all go through ­— perhaps in more subtle ways, or perhaps in big ways (anyone a Sailor Moon fan? Her transformation sequence is inspirational and iconic!).

A history of depression and anxiety has given me an opportunity to re-imagine myself with a lens of kindness and awe in the same way I view nature. If you were to imagine nature as a reflection of your inner dialogue and true self, you can begin to relate yourself and your journey to that of a butterfly which I find incredibly peaceful. The inner turmoil, if that’s a part of life and the phases we go through, can be transformed and reshaped into something completely different than its original thought pattern. If your inner dialogue is separating you from your true self, I recommend holding a simple ceremony by yourself or with a group (the more the merrier!). This transformative ceremony contains an outward act that represents a shift in your inner self. Write everything you want to change on paper and burn it!

I also take huge inspiration from and have a deep connection with crystals. These beautiful specimens have undergone so many shifts and transformations that if you saw their humble beginnings, you would not recognize or believe they could turn into anything so beautiful. The heat, time and pressure changes to the fundamental level in the particles turn them into high vibrational beings.

One of my favourite crystals to work with as a tool for meditation is a Lumarian quartz. Lemurian quartz is associated with the Lemurian people, similar to the Altantians of ancient civilization. These crystals are programmed to hold wisdom and healing properties from those ancient times. I simply hold the crystal and close my eyes, letting whatever thoughts come up pass me by, and feel the peace start to unfold after the everyday thoughts disappear. Meditating with this tool and with the mindset of imagining it’s own transformation and it’s journey has encouranged my own realizations about myself. The thought patterns and mindset I seem stuck in don’t have the same hold on me if I believe these low vibrational patterns can be rearranged and taken apart, dismantling them and turning their power to a more positive direction.

“I am Transformed” is a mantra that is also a reminder and an invitation to reflect inward and find inner peace in knowing that the current state you are in is not finite. Change is the only constant whether it is in big ways or small ways.

HeartMath® practitioner Alanna Prather gave me the tools and heart space to safely explore these ideas for further self-reflection and healing. Having the knowledge that transformation is not only a possibility but a part of everyone’s life journey gave me more connection to others and a deeper connection and relationship with myself.

Give yourself a moment of reflection this month – What does transformation mean to you?

Written by Sara Macala