A Magical Afternoon with You

A Magical Afternoon with You
May 31, 2018 WoW admin

May 6th was such a special day for us at Wellness on Whyte. We had the opportunity to spend the afternoon with over 50 Healing from the Heart attendees with the shared intention of connecting to our hearts and returning to our true selves. We did this through Qi Gong movements, heart-focused meditation and breathing, and inspiring conversations with community wellness leaders, all culminating in a beautiful time of reflection and integration with acupuncture and sound healing.




WoW President and Acupuncturist Geha Gonthier led us in Qi Gong to cultivate energy before and between presenters. We could really feel the energetic shift of the whole room when we completed these movements!




HeartMath® Coach, Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner Alanna Prather guided us in Heart Sangha using unique and science-based techniques involving heart-focused meditation and breathing.

Alanna leads a weekly Heart Sangha on Monday evenings. Find more information and registration here.



Flower Essences aficionado Roberta Shepherd shared her knowledge and experience with plant-spirit medicine and it’s vibrational healing qualities, especially in relation to the stories we believe about ourselves!




Lifestyle Meditation Founder Mandy Trapp talked to us about stress, the importance of human connection and truly allowing ourselves to be seen.




Our community acupuncture session was incredible – the perfect way to rest and absorb what we learned and felt throughout the afternoon with the help of healing live music.



Thank you to all who attended, presented and sponsored this event.

We look forward to sharing new upcoming events with you soon!