I AM Sacred – A Newsletter Blog from Alanna Prather.

I AM Sacred – A Newsletter Blog from Alanna Prather.
November 30, 2018 WoW admin

December: a time of conclusion to the year that has passed. Final days and moments on a global level that seem more and more chaotic – yet here we each are finding our way in the face of so many things we wish we could change or control but can’t; seeking meaning and happiness in a world of rapid, unprecedented change. How did the end of the year arrive so quickly? Many are feeling the same way. Many are concerned about what the new year will bring. Anxiety and dismay are increasing collectively to produce unpredictable life challenges for all of us.

For those of us who have the life experience to understand that turning within is the answer to dealing with the external world and all that we associate with it, we have our own skills, resources, practices and communities to rely upon, contribute to and cultivate.

Wellness on Whyte is one of my communities, and I feel so fortunate to both work for and be a member of a growing community that is truly dedicated to wellbeing and the richness of inner sanctuary. Geha Gonthier envisioned and designed an Urban Sanctuary very intentionally for both staff and community.

She understands that healthier people who feel supported build healthier lives and offer more vibrant contributions. This conviction is woven into the fabric of our organization. We are each willingly tasked and motivated to manage self-care as we help support the wellbeing of our clients. Balance, joy and faith in life — faith in the potential to be well and expand – are our currency. It matters to each of us.

What matters to us can feel sacred. I consider my work to be sacred service, and that it is provided in a beautiful, sacred space. It’s a very special experience for me. I am very aware that I work in a healing environment. I too feel better the moment I arrive, and throughout my time there. I leave for my home in a healthier state of mind and body thanks to the synergy of our organization and what it is dedicated to co-creating.

So often, clients remark on the special nature, fragrance and energy of WOW’s Urban Sanctuary as soon as they walk in the door. The joy and healing of the beautiful setting and our lovely Zen Desk Staff greets them, and they are calmer by the time they are on the table for their treatments. They feel heard and supported. As I type these words I can feel the gratitude registering in my heart and being for the grace of these experiences. It feels sacred.

What is sacred to you?

What meaning does the word sacred hold for you?
Do you understand that your uniqueness means you are sacred?
Never was or will there be another you. You are that precious.

Please take a moment now to breath, find your heart, and recognize this as deeply as you can.
I AM Sacred

The Reality Check: We live in a time during human history when what has been held sacred for so long is now being openly questioned, dismantled and corrupted. We are instead learning to turn to ourselves and see ourselves as sacred; to go within for wisdom and guidance and turn to people who bear evidence in their lives of personally empowered choices for support. That is why I love working for Geha – she is one of those people for me, for our organization and the community both locally and globally. She keeps me curious about life with her joy and her questions. In that spirit and also during of this season of reflection and closure, here are some questions for you!

December Reflections:

1. How do you nurture, support and nourish yourself in ways that fuel your vision and purpose in life?
2. How do you treasure your sacred and unique nature?
3. How do you share your sacred nature with the world around you?
4. Could recognition of your unique wholeness – your sacred self — change the way you show up in your life?
5. How can kindness to self and others help you succeed?

Sacred Wisdom

The world changes one person at a time. The evolution of the human species is rooted in the kindness of the human spirit.
If we can’t be kind to ourselves and each other, we cannot expand.
Kindness is a force of nature, and it is life-giving.

At this time of year, collectively we are more likely to remember that kindness is life-giving. We see it in so many ways as people reach out to touch the lives of those who live with less, or who may be suffering.

May we reach out to touch eachothers’ hearts with the kindness that lives within. It shows us what we’re truly made of. Our sacred self is inherently kind.

May we let go of the need to judge and instead acknowledge our fellow humans. We do not know who is struggling secretly.

May we learn to be truly kind to ourselves.
It will change the world.

Alanna Prather is a Registered Clinical and Thai Massage Therapist, Certified HeartMath® Coach and Mentor, Karuna Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer and Lightworker, Founder and Guide of HEART Sangha.