Wellness on Whyte Introduces our NEW Doctor of Homeopathy

Wellness on Whyte Introduces our NEW Doctor of Homeopathy
November 30, 2018 WoW admin

Hi. My name is Dr. Aziz Merchant (BHMS, MD-Hom) and I am your new Homeopathic Physician at Wellness on Whyte.

What is Homeopathy?
Homeopathy is a unique system of healing that combines the best of modern medicine and natural medicine.

Its uniqueness lies in its individualized approach of addressing diseases/ disorders from their roots and catering to every individual’s own distinct body type, presentation of symptoms & personality profile.

Homeopathic medicines, therefore, are customized for each patient & help to boost their immunity so that the body heals by itself with no side effects.

The Concept:
Symptoms are a body’s expression of saying there is some internal disorder that needs to be corrected. Since no two individuals are alike, their symptoms are not alike either. Homeopathy focuses on individualization of the case & understanding what factors have caused this diseased state – charting the evolution of the disease in the sick individual & applying the appropriate constitutional treatment.

Conventional medicine, by treating symptoms, treats the end product of the disease, while proper Homeopathic therapy treats the disease at its root cause.

Individualized therapy helps Homeopathy give more consistent results & improved chances of achieving a complete cure.

The Treatment:
Constitutional treatment is when one homeopathic medicine is used to treat a constellation of symptoms in one person. This is usually Classical method, but depending on the case, a hybrid approach of proven specific remedies along with constitutional treatment is also prescribed.

Homeopathic medicines work on every system of the body – mental, physical, genetic & emotional. Homeopathy is also useful for both acute & chronic illnesses. Each homeopathic medicine has its own symptom picture. A homeopathic remedy’s symptom picture may “look like” a person. A skillful Homeopath selects a remedy that most likely resembles (matches) the constitution and personality type of the patient.

If somebody is under the care of a homeopathic physician, they will often be treated with one remedy, their constitutional remedy, because that remedy will treat the person in his/ her entirety – on all levels to relieve the many acute symptoms & bring an overall state of better health. Often, people are treated with one constitutional remedy & then their entire constitution changes to another remedy. This is very important to note because constitutional treatment – of any kind – should be supervised by a licensed practitioner.

The Scope:
As long as the appropriate constitutional remedy can be determined, the “label” of the disease is not a daunting factor, rather, the diagnosis helps me to monitor your condition and give a reasonable prognosis of the case.

While in India, my practice was predominantly with pediatric, dermatological, auto-immune and cardiac cases. After moving to Edmonton, I found myself treating people with mood disorders, fibromyalgia, fertility disorders, hormonal imbalances, pediatric and behavioral disorders, as well as allergic and atopic disorders. To summarize, half of my clients came to see me as a last resort, not knowing completely what homeopathy is all about; and were pleasantly surprised with the life-changing decision of opting for professional homeopathic treatment. When nothing else has worked, homeopathy is more than likely to help due to its unique holistic approach.