Get Happy with Abdominal Cupping Massage

Get Happy with Abdominal Cupping Massage
March 1, 2019 WoW admin

I have a complicated relationship with my digestive system.  While I know that this complex of organs works so hard to nourish me, it is my ‘Achilles heel’ in that it has served up bothersome symptoms most of my life.  My nutrition background has enabled me to manage these symptoms but I knew that there was more than just a bit of leftover pregnancy belly stored in that area of my body.  So my ‘gut instinct’ (pun intended!) told me that there would be some release when I had my abdominal cupping massage service.  Little did I know how happy and free I would feel once I had processed the emotions that were stirred up during the treatment.

During and after the service I felt a little foggy, as you might feel after a good massage.  I was warned to take care of my detoxification organs (liver, bowels, kidneys) with fresh wholefood, ample hydration, and electrolyte drinks like coconut water.  The next day I awoke a little ‘choked up;’ I felt like crying for no specific reason.  That morning I was thankfully able to take space and reflect.  My brain meandered back to events which took place nearly 2 decades past and a huge release of emotions came.  It was more than a little surprising since I had not been conscious that these events had had such an impact on my psyche.  Later on that day I had another wave of grief wash over me and I was again surprised about who and what came to mind.  More grief poured out and it felt great, pure release.

I’m certain the experience and outcomes of the service will be individualised for every complex human being.  I believe that readiness for change and allowance of time and space after the treatment to ‘process’ were what enabled it to be so effective for me.  For several days afterwards, I was on a high, I felt more joy and happiness than I can recall feeling, maybe ever.  Things have now settled in to a contented ‘new normal.’  I have already booked 4 more treatments.

If you have any further questions about my story or abdominal cupping massage please feel free to contact myself or a Wellness Coordinator at Wellness on Whyte.


Anna Cott is a human in growth, a nutrition consultant, and a wellness coordinator at Wellness on Whyte.