I am transformed.

I am transformed.
June 1, 2019 WoW admin

Transformation is an experience that is available to everyone. The form of currency it takes however, is usually discomfort. Some common opportunities are: Pregnancy, infertility, death, illness, marriage, divorce, new business, apologising, moving, etc.

So how do we take advantage of this discomfort to create a transformation? And why does transformation even matter? Well if you are happy with things the way they are, then transformation isn’t something you may want to explore at this moment – just enjoy, but, if you hear a gentle whisper “you deserve more” then read on.

Firstly, we usually bypass the opportunity and label it as “stress”, “hormones”, “anxiety”, “busy”. If you notice that you use some of these words in your speech, it is time for a transformation. From what I have seen, and experienced transformative moments usually are pushed into existence in 2 ways:

  1. When a loved one takes you by the hand when you are really struggling. They look after you fully for 1-3 days. And yes, this is available to everyone.
  2. When you decide to do something so out of character. For me it was running in the cold, pausing a friendship, going to a sexual shadow work retreat.

To admit life has gone off the tracks, and to admit that you deserve more is truly key. This is beyond gratitude, beyond being in the now. Those all lay an important foundation, but the rocket fuel you need for a transformation is to:

  1. Ask for love – ask whoever you can to come and love you for 1-3 days. You may get a few no’s at first, that’s ok, keep asking. This experience cuts out the interference, it brings you clarity, it reminds the cells of what they are truly longing for.
  2. Do something so out of character. If it makes you even more uncomfortable and it is relatively safe, do it. You will create new neuropathways. You will see what you are capable of. You will get a boost.

With 1 or both of these you will give space for the new upgraded version to emerge. You will then make what seemed like “harder decisions” just weeks before with ease and grace. You will feel that life truly has your back, and most importantly that you have your back. After this, you may feel that you have entered a new planet, that everything is unfamiliar and yet familiar. In this state you will know that the transformation is well underway, you will soon feel comfortable in this new version of yourself. The new version that is even closer to love, your dreams and your full protentional.

A celebration is in order, because you did what you came here to do. Now enjoy. Don’t forget this part. Then. Get ready for the next level up.

You got this.

Sabrina Souto