What Is Forgiveness? – Natasha’s Blog

What Is Forgiveness? – Natasha’s Blog
June 1, 2019 WoW admin

A metaphoric interpretation on forgiveness from the poetic mind of Natashaʼs artistic
persona, Natasia Divina, based on her own experience in discovering what forgiveness
has meant for her.

Letting go of sadness.
Letting yourself feel.

Hoping for something different and getting it.
Reorganizing the past to fit the future.
Time travel.

Opening up new pathways for brighter awareness to come in and fill in all the dark
spaces with a spectacular light of colour you never thought was possible to ever see in
your life.

Lifting up a feeling or an intention to another level of perception.
Revealing a chosen outcome that is in alignment with your highest self and potential
showing up as a divinely on purpose human being.

Realizing that shifting is open to interpretation and a part of the process of lifeʼs gifts.
Really diving into the grit and looking at it and then smoothing it out into a fine dust that
is so small you recognize that it is the exact same stuff that makes up you and the entire

People learning to love other people unconditionally forever.
Stepping into your future self without judgement and full on acceptance of the past.
Grasping the possibility of an endless future where you are the one in charge of the
outcome from your perspective and you dictate the flaws that are to be acknowledged
so that you can let them go, to grow up and become something better.

Facing your hardest and darkest past with love like it is a small child that needs
guidance and leadership to grow and become something more amazing than it was.
Broken up patterns to form new healthy ones.

Special and courageous retrieval of your soft spoken self that wants there only to be
love and peace in the world.

Breaking out of your own prison without a key like you some how out smarted all of the
guards on duty, the security cameras, the ferocious dogs and the warden and no one
ever thought you could do it because your prison was suppose to be the highest form of
maximum security to keep you from ever escaping it.

The ultimate healing remedy, that you thought was poison at first, that you take as a last
resort and it ends up curing you and everyone you thought you were going to kill by
taking it.

A spotless, fresh air spring clean on your emotional hygiene.
A broken record that gets cleaned and fixed of all the scratches so that it runs itʼs songs
fluidly and seamlessly without interruption.

Natasha is our in house Certified Professional EPT™ Practitioner. EPT™ standʼs for
Emotional Polarity Technique™ – a completely different approach to your emotional
healthcare that relies on the science of forgiveness to create permanent and lasting
changes for good in your life.

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