Nicole – Blog Post

Nicole – Blog Post
June 1, 2019 WoW admin
Nicole Broadhurst

First of all, thank you.

For trusting me with a portion of your care and for allowing me to contribute to your wellness journey in whatever way that came in.

Thank you for showing up for yourselves and for being open to conversations that may have been unconventional or made you uncomfortable.

Whether you sat with me in a room one time, or many times over, I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to learn with you.

Although you may not have known it, you all sparked something within me that is much needed in this world and will really contribute to a greater good.

You have all been a process of my own journey just as much as I was a part of the process of yours.

Stay curious and keep showing up for yourself, even when it’s really hard.

With Care,
Nicole Broadhurst