I am Balanced – Finding Balance within a Woman’s Cycle

I am Balanced – Finding Balance within a Woman’s Cycle
September 1, 2019 WoW admin
Christine Woodlock Wellness on whyte Edmonton

The other month I found myself apologizing to my family for an emotional outburst,
explaining that it was “that time of the month”. Unfortunately, this was not a first time
occurrence, however it had been years since I’d experienced this on a monthly basis. It
reminded me of the importance of balance and what it means to be a woman.

As women, we are often stereotyped as emotional…which is true. We are emotional
creatures. A women is a complicated being; her anatomy and physiology is ten times more
complex than that of a man. Between the fluctuations of rising and falling hormones, as well as
the growth, transformations and shedding that occur monthly in the reproductive system, there
is a LOT going on. It’s no wonder many of us go through drastic changes as we flow through
the month!

I often hear women around me – in clinic, at my serving job, or through friends and
family – complain about how rough it is for them every month. These monthly symptoms affect
up to 75% of women, with 20-30% experiencing symptoms that interfere with daily life, and
13-18% severe enough to need medical treatment (1). Between mood swings, cramps, bloating,
headaches, breast tenderness, low back pain, fatigue, etc – it can make every month downright
unbearable. Some women can experience psychological effects for up to two weeks before
her period starts. That equals out to be half of her month… half of her year… or half of her
fertile life being affected by these mood-altering symptoms.

Another comment that I typically hear from women is, “This is normal,” which is actually
a misconception. Sure, as the female body deals with shifts in hormones, she is bound to feel
the changes occurring in the body. However, the truth is that women do not need to live with
these debilitating symptoms.

These symptoms are simply a matter of imbalance in the internal body. Traditional
Chinese Medicine – acupuncture, herbal therapy and diet/lifestyle therapy – understands the
menstrual cycle, and the imbalances that lead to premenstrual symptoms. All aspects of the
body and mind are assessed, with the emotions given equal import to the physical body. Each
women is treated as an individual, with her specific patterns identified and addressed.

Since I have discovered the beauty of Traditional Chinese Medicine I have used it to great
success within my own cycle. There is a classical formula written in the Song Dynasty (960-1127
CE) called the “Free and Happy Wanderer Powder”, and the name says it all. This formula fits
with my particular constitution perfectly, and has truly turned me into a free and happy
wanderer, regardless of the time of month.

If you are dealing with premenstrual symptoms, or any other reproductive symptoms such as
absence of period, heavy or irregular period, fertility issues, PCOS, or endometriosis, Traditional
Chinese Medicinal herbs and acupuncture could be an effective option for you. To find out if
Christine can help you find balance while navigating the various cycles of your gynaecological
health, call Wellness on Whyte to book in for a New to Acupuncture treatment.