All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
October 1, 2019 WoW admin

How many of us have identified with Jack? I have. As the old proverb from 1659 suggests we all need to find our happy medium. We live in fast times. We are always hustling and trying to meet deadlines (like I tend to with my blogs, much to our Social media consultant’s dismay!). Sometimes we just get sucked into an endless cycle of existential crisis.

So how does one balance work life with family and responsibilities with relaxation? I find the answer in the question itself. I work for the sake of my family and I do not compromise quality time with them and I find I must bear the responsibility to realize when I need to take a break so I do not risk burning out, risking a dis-service to my patients.

I have had a unique perspective in my practice, in that I help restore ‘balance’ for my patients on opposing ranges of a spectrum. Constitutional Homeopathic treatment has enabled me to help clients coming in with adrenal exhaustion and work related stress as well as help guide young adults focus at school and rekindle a sense of responsibility in them by addressing their ADHD and in some cases, addiction issues.

The first step towards establishing a state of homeostasis is by creating mindfulness and awareness. The ability to hear your body when it asks you to slow down or being attentive to what your conscience says has been at the root of human race’s wisdom of healing.

Once you stop ignoring these messages from within, you will notice you are able to make better decisions by being less stressful. These messages are best decoded, as I have learnt over the years, when you have a certain aptitude for spirituality. Now spirituality is not just limited to meditation, beads, incense and various paraphernalia. It can be a combination of various things that bring you closer to nature and an appreciation to the creator-creature association or even simple appreciation of the natural world around you. You can find solace in a book that strikes a chord with you or find it in gardening or music. Being spiritual doesn’t focus much on the form, but it is about the blissful state you catch yourself in and the quality of time, you spent within it.

Many people seek refuge in spirituality or religion to combat stresses induced by our material world. For me, spirituality and religion are 2 sides of the same coin. A coin that is a currency to my state of Balance. And  this is one account where my balance will not be overdrawn if I can help it 😉