Being at ease: What does it mean to you?

Being at ease: What does it mean to you?
April 30, 2020 WoW admin

Being at ease? What does it mean to you? It seems simple, doesn’t it? Yet, how can we achieve this wonderful feeling?

I believe that feeling at ease is a blend of awareness and let go. We must be aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions and how we contribute to our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our home, not our physical home but our body, our soul and the Earth where we all live.

We must also be able to let go of the old beliefs of what our life is supposed to look like and help creating a world that serves us all equally with what we need and not all of that we want or think that we need. We must also be able to think for ourselves and use the medias wisely by limiting our exposure to anything that lower our vibrations and spending time in Nature which is very grounding.

We have recently been given the most precious and valuable gift, time! How many times did you neglect your wellness and relationships with others? From long hours spent at work, school, different activities, meetings, etc. You didn’t have the time to cook healthy and balanced meals for yourself and your loved ones or to reconnect with an old friend or a family member. You didn’t know how to be in the present moment and make the best of every given breathe. Good news! Now, you can! You can disconnect from everything to reconnect with what really matters and serves you and others better.

Mother Earth have been sick for a long time, and so have we. It is now the time to let her heal and to do so, we all need to come together and heal with her, showing more respect, compassion and love towards her, ourselves and others that we are truly blessed to share this beautiful Earth with. Every life matters equally. Nobody is less or more, above or below. Sharing and caring for one another is essential and should be natural for each of us.

Still not feeling at ease? Feeling fearful? We create fear. If we can’t trust the process and allow change to occur, we must ask ourselves why is it so? Aren’t we trusting ourselves completely? Are we struggling to trust others? Change is a beautiful and inevitable event. Look at the seasons changing as we are welcoming the month of May with open arms and open hearts. We are enjoying the sun shining on us, the buds are starting to open and the birds are singing, bringing pure joy to their audience.

Of course, some days, I also let fear visit me and allow it to travel into my body for a while, long enough for me to feel anxiety but then, the anxiety that I feel also saves me every time as I reach out deeper to find peace and trust again. I remember all the life challenges that I have faced and how every time that it felt like the end, it was always a beautiful new beginning so I choose to trust in our Powerful Universe, once again. When I make this choice, I also choose to trust myself and others fully and to live from my heart instead of my mind. Our heart and our mind are strong and complex and we need to feed them with love and respect, always.

Today, I choose to live from my heart. Tomorrow, I will rise and choose my heart again until it becomes the only option that I see. Today is all that we have, a new beginning filled with endless opportunities. What will you do with this precious time today? What will you choose?

I am sending love and light to all, and am looking forward to see you and accompany you in your wellness journey again!

Until then, please stay safe and shine your light bright ; the world needs it!

What can you do to help feeling relaxed and at ease?

  • Meditate
  • Journal
  • Go for a walk in nature
  • Cut down on processed foods
  • Hug a tree
  • Disconnect from technology (TV, Internet, phone) for a while
  • Try new recipes
  • Spend time with your pets
  • Garden
  • Sing and/or dance
  • Offer or ask for help when needed
  • Stretch.
  • Practice yoga
  • Breathe, and just be.
  • Allow yourself to feel everything that you are feeling. You don’t have the obligation to accomplish anything. Sometimes, just getting up and keep going is all that is needed and I am so very proud of you for that. You should be, too.