I Am Energized

I Am Energized
August 1, 2020 WoW admin
Jessica V.

Our energy level change often whether we get enough sleep or not, eat the right food and take the vitamins that will nourish our body, read the books, watch the movies that will feed our mind and hang out with friends and choosing activities that will feed our soul. What about if we still don’t feel energized then? What if we woke up early to watch the sunrise, had a balanced breakfast and went to a yoga class and still didn’t feel energized from it all?

Are you cultivating healthy and energizing relationships with others and with yourself? Are you cultivating love and forgiveness? Did you set healthy boundaries? Are you aware of what makes you feel good? Do you have more energy around others or when you’re alone? Are you reminiscing about the past and focusing all of your beautiful energy on past traumas?

Healing is an exhausting but essential part of our journey here and it can be draining to feel everything that we feel but we must feel it all in order to heal completely so that we are able let the old memories stay in the past and not let them consume the rest of our life as they are energy consuming.

You can find energy around you in support and connection. When we live in peace and come from a place of love, we feel and are more energized than ever. It is important to not just plant our seeds, but cultivate them with love and compassion so that they grow and glow.

If you are often feeling tired and your energy level remains low, please ask yourself : Do you need more sleep or more awakening? Sometimes, we need to disconnect in order to reconnect better, with ourselves, others and Nature.