I am sacred as I am.

I am sacred as I am.
December 1, 2020 WoW admin

I am sacred as I am.
You are sacred as you are.

We are sacred whether we believe that we are or not.
We do not have to be perfect to be sacred.
We only have to be.
To be real.
To be raw.
To be respectful.
To be grateful.

To be respectful of ourselves.
To respect others.
To respect all living creatures that share this magnificent world with us.
To show respect and gratitude to Mother Nature.

We do not have to always be happy to be sacred.
We must feel everything and showing how we truly feel takes courage. So much courage.
We need to remember :
To remind ourselves to be strong.
To be courageous.
To be vulnerable.
To be kind.
To be loving.

We do not need to always show up smiling. We must know that we are allowed to just show up and that this alone is more than enough. We must give ourselves and others the space to :
Cry cleansing tears.
Scream as loud as the thunder.
Sing with the birds.

We don’t have to keep moving fast. Sometimes, slowing down and taking a break is very beneficial for the body, mind and spirit.
We can slow down at anytime.
We can walk as slowly as needed.
We can dance as often as possible.

We do not always have to be doing something important.
We can focus on simply being because we are important.
We must know deep within that we all have the power to become anything
and everything. The possibilities are endless and so are we.

Nobody owes us anything.
We owe ourselves everything.
And that itself is extremely sacred.

We are masterpieces.
We are beautiful.
We are powerful.
We are worthy.
We are magical.
We are sacred.

I am. You are. We are.