I am Enough

I am Enough
March 31, 2021 WoW admin
Wellness on Whyte - I am Enough


A mantra is (originally in Hinduism or Buddhism) a word, statement, slogan or sound used repetitiously to aid in concentration and meditation. Our brain, like computer hardware, can be programmed with our thoughts. Mantras are like codes for the software of our brains.

Programming the brain requires the ability to focus attention towards inner dialogue and consciously select thoughts which takes some skill. Like any muscle in the body, in order to get better, faster, and stronger, you need to practice. Repetitions are a crucial aid in the learning process because it helps transcend a skill from the conscious to the subconscious mind.

Often times mantras are used in reverse to help transcend negative subconscious thoughts or limiting beliefs into positive conscious behaviours. Negative subconscious beliefs and destructive inner dialogue can create indecisiveness, lack of creativity and focus, and reduce a person’s ability to relate and communicate.

In short, how you think, speak and behave directly defines how you code and produce excellence. Mantra’s direct our brains and bodies to produce desired results.

Mantras differ from positive affirmations and are usually sacred primordial sounds used in meditation. Affirmations are motivational statements, when used and believed they help to overcome self-sabotage and negative thoughts. Self-affirmations are used to reduce the effects of stress and anxiety.

The mantra ” I AM” represents the root Chakra, the lowest energy centre in the physical/energetic body. This plexus revolves around our foundations, working to implement security for our emotional and physical states. At its most basic level, it is concerned with our needs rather than our desires. You could consider it your individual centre for emotional and spiritual balance.

There is a fear that interrupts our ability to know what we need or need to do to best serve our highest purpose. That fear blocks our root chakra and it is called perfectionism!

The belief ” I am not enough” stimulates avoidance behaviour creating a vicious cycle. The fear of making a mistake or of never being enough perpetuates doing nothing instead of doing something to avoid the risk of making a mistake. This limiting belief is the root of avoidance behaviours like deciding to take actions that allow a person to escape difficult thoughts or feelings rather than process them, these avoidance tendencies can be actions in which a person chooses consciously or subconsciously to do or not do. Procrastination, passive-aggressiveness and rumination are all examples of the ” I am NOT enough” mentality and would be considered avoidance coping.

We are highly intelligent beings, and our brains have gotten really good at creating protective mechanisms, but we can easily trick ourselves into utilizing unhelpful ones if we leave our subconscious minds unchecked.

NeuroLinguistic Programming or better known as NLP is the study of a couple of the brain’s functions and provides a systematic framework or ordered sequences of mental strategies using thoughts and language to program the brain’s ability to change or improve mental and physiological states and manifest greater desired outcomes. Essentially it is the science of Mantra.

I AM ENOUGH is one of my favourite mantra’s to help me make good use of my anxiety. The object of this mantra is not to get rid of anxiety and fear all together, instead it allows me to see that anxiety and fear are useful protective mechanisms, when those emotions/feelings crop up, I am reminded to assess the situation, what is the anxiety producing activity that I am doing? What am I avoiding doing? and why?

The mantra I AM ENOUGH is a powerhouse! It can be used to overcome those sticky limiting beliefs that hold you back from DOING the things in your life that will ultimately guide you to a greater sense of purpose and meaning and help weed out the activities that keep you from living the life you truly desire.

When I reflect on my needs with the mantra I AM ENOUGH in mind it allows me to create healthy boundaries. It invokes wisdom to actively differentiate between what is useful and what is unhelpful behaviour. It brings serenity and peace into the present moment. Most importantly, it brings forth the courage and motivation to achieve the heart’s desires.

I use this mantra with the intention or reminder of the unlimited potential we all have inside ourselves. Always within us is the ability to feel enough and the outcome is radical self-love. Everything in between is just a growth opportunity.