Blissfully Be

Blissfully Be
October 31, 2021 WoW admin

Blissfully Be

I am sitting on my balcony daybed wrapped in a cozy blanket as I write this, sipping on chai tea. With each sip, I close my eyes, drinking in the warmth of the spice, and the sun on my skin. A bird chirps nearby—a welcome interruption from distant tires rolling on the pavement. I bask in the sounds, fresh air, and sunshine.

I am calm.

I think back to the number of times I have shot out of bed in the past, starting each morning in a hurried frenzy. It’s no wonder I “hated” mornings; I made it so. It’s comical to compare back then to today.

Then, I was creating chaos.
Now, I am creating calm.
I am choosing calm.

When we are always in a hurry or are focused on “what’s next,” we never give ourselves the opportunity to drink in the moment. We don’t allow ourselves the time to appreciate what is—right now.

Rushing, pushing, forcing, and resisting are a recipe for stress and disharmony. It is a way of life that stems from feelings of fear, lack, or insecurity. When we find ourselves approaching life in this way, we can pause and ask ourselves why. Inviting deeper reflection creates space for clarity to drop in. Once we realize what it is that we are seeking, we can give it to ourselves rather than looking for it outside. Meeting our own needs creates a feeling of empowerment, thus allowing us to feel safe to slow down and embrace the ebbs and flows of life.

Slowing down helps to deepen our appreciation for the little things; it makes simple pleasures that much sweeter.

I can affirm this today as I soak in the sun, sip on my tea, and blissfully be.