The Heart of Creation

The Heart of Creation
November 30, 2021 WoW admin
December 2021 - Wellness on Whyte

The probability of you being born, the odds of you even existing here on Earth are estimated to be about one in 400 trillion. Yet, here you are.

We all slip into the trap of feeling unimportant or unworthy at times, but have you ever stopped to consider the miracle that you are? Insurmountable odds were stacked against your mere existence, but you still made it.

You are sacred.

Your life is sacred.

This existence is sacred.

While it may hurt to acknowledge, we have all lost someone dear to us. Consider the impact their presence had on you. Consider how deeply you felt their loss. The depth of our connection to one another is so incredibly sacred. We are all part of something so much greater than we can even consciously grasp. It’s when we forget our divinity and our interconnectedness that we see the division that is so prevalent today.

Why do we wait until death to honour life? Confrontation with our impermanence through loss seems to be “the Grand Awakener” to our divinity. How can we connect to that part of ourselves without needing our hearts to shatter to reveal the love that was always there?

While the holiday season brings joy and celebration, it can also bring feelings of loneliness and grief as we remember our loved ones who have departed. Those memories and connections are sacred, and it’s okay to hold space for and honour them while we gather with and celebrate those who are still here.

Sometimes the perfect melody sends shivers up my spine,

Reminding me of those I have loved and lost

Of how they are never truly gone

Forever connected in heart and spirit,

As are those dear to you.

A sacred symphony of souls,

The never ending song,

The Heart of Creation.

The sacred in me honours the sacred in you.

May you and your loved ones be blessed this holiday season, and may you remember the miracle that you are.