I Am Limitless

I Am Limitless
December 31, 2021 WoW admin

A new year and a fresh slate. That familiar time of year when anything feels possible. The
goals are being created and action plans put into place…cautiously of course. No need to
make the goals too ambitious in fear of disappointment or failure. Holding back just a bit, in
case something doesn’t go as planned.

After discovering a quick mini episode of the Dhru Purohit Podcast featuring Peter Crone, a
thought leader in human potential, he shared a question that I have continued to revisit while
reflecting on some goals and visions for the new year.

He posed the question, “Who would you be and what becomes available in the absence of
all your concerns”. It seemed too broad, too fluffy. How can you possibly move through life
without concerns or worries is where my mind went immediately. As I sat with the words for a
few minutes longer, a sense of ease and relief washed over me. All of the anxiety that runs
through my chest and mind as I worry about what the future holds seemed to dissipate as I
imagined what the ideal future would look like for myself.

This is exactly the process Peter described in his interview.

“The mechanism is automatic. If you don’t create a beautiful future, your brain will
create one for you, and it’s usually not good. It’s based on survival and it’s a reflection of past
hurt. Most people are trying to avoid a bad future that hasn’t even happened yet. It is the
brain that is creating the future that is trying to be avoided.”

Take a few short moments to contemplate this question Peter poses and how this could
change your outlook, your mindset, and the future you are creating for yourself. Ask yourself,
“who would you be, and what becomes available to you in the absence of all of your

“Our soul is limitless, but we’ll use words to limit ourselves.” – Peter Crone

As you ponder these words, notice what happens within your body. Does some of the
tension leave? Maybe your seat feels a little more grounded, or even a noticeable sensation
of peace washes over your entire being.

The only thing that has changed here is the pattern of thoughts that you have created.
Human beings possess such powerful technology within these bodies. All of our concerns
and worries are created through our own perception, the filter we place over each situation.

What is possible if that worried, fearful, pessimistic filter was replaced with a lighter and
perception that you are creating a full and abundant life? I encourage you to sit with this
question and its answers, and again, notice how it feels in your body, and move forward from
this space of limitless potential.

Sitting with these questions can be a powerful exercise, but it may seem a bit overwhelming
where to go next or how to maintain and strengthen this habit of changing the filter placed on
the world. Acupuncture and Chinese medicine can be a beautiful strategy to help support this restructuring of belief systems, removing energetic blockages within the meridian system
to aid in realizing the stunning potential found in these bodies.

You can listen to Peter’s podcast interview here. https://dhrupurohit.com/minisode-55-break-free-from-your-limiting-beliefs/