We are Happy! 

We are Happy! 
February 28, 2022 WoW admin

We are Happy!  As we celebrate our milestone ten-year anniversary, our staff reflected on why Wellness on Whyte is a special place to work.

Congratulations and Happy 10 Year Anniversary to our lovely Wellness on Whyte family! I’ve been very blessed and grateful to be a part of the Wellness on Whyte family for almost 4 years! Our beautiful healing sanctuary has brought me solace, joy, and transformation. Wellness on Whyte is my happy place!
– Sandra

What I love about Wellness on Whyte is how supported and nurtured I’ve felt throughout my experience here, both as a client and once I joined the team. I feel blessed to be able to share this space with so many lovely people who truly care.
– Heather

I’ve grown so much since I started at Wellness on Whyte four years ago, that I can honestly say that I feel like a different person.  Surrounded by an amazing group of caring, authentic individuals who are committed to personal growth, I saw and stepped out of some of the shadows that had been creating challenges my whole life.  Tools such as acupuncture, massage, and homeopathy continue to help me grow every day, and our facials help me look cute while doing it. 😊  I love you WoW, happy 10-year anniversary!
– Anna

Wellness On Whyte has its own unique feeling when you step through the door. To its own distinctive scents to the camaraderie between its staff and clients. It has its own presence and calm that I truly appreciate. Working with these amazing individuals is truly inspiring. I love being a part of something greater than myself and I am overjoyed that I have been able to watch and help WOW grow over the last decade.
– Leslie

I was blessed enough to join the wonderful and magical team at WoW in February 2020. I have never felt so supported before. It is beautiful beyond words to be able to be there for each other and to hold space for one another, always with love, respect and compassion. Wellness on Whyte is truly a sanctuary, a peaceful, bright, and warm home to many. It is a safe place where you can go and rest, recharge and simply be. I feel heard, seen and loved for who I am as a whole and you will too whenever you come home.
So much gratitude ..
– Jessica

I love Wellness on Whyte because it’s an intentionally created space dedicated to the collective and individual health and wellness journeys in all aspects of life. WOW allows both staff and the clients the space to authentically show up to heal and be supported in a variety of ways. I have seen and experienced myself the healing that takes place here is very special and is carried into everyday life.


Wellness on Whyte (WOW) has taught me the value of fostering “inner sanctuary”. Being a staff member means being accountable for my own personal growth and wellness while working in a space that supports the wellbeing of others. This accountability is accompanied by the constant stream of care and compassion that is infused in the workplace, both on the frontline and beyond the scenes. We, the WOW staff, aim to treat ourselves and others with love and kindness for the betterment of all. – Justin

Wellness on Whyte is a tranquil space that inspires healing and change as soon as you step into the space. I am grateful to plant the roots of my acupuncture practice here and have it flourish among the community of talented practitioners.  I love WoW
– Mykayla

I love that Wellness on Whyte is a sanctuary of healing. I love being part of a collective that actively pursues good health, from head to toe. Our aim to experience beauty, balance and bliss inside and out inspires me daily. Wellness truly has a special place in my heart. I am honoured to work with such an amazing team and help others on their healing journey.
– Noelle

Wellness on Whyte is a gift- I witness so much healing here, and on so many levels.
My colleagues and clients continually inspire me just by being themselves.. I’m so grateful I get to serve in an organization that supports and celebrates one another as we do   how did I get so lucky!?
– Annie

I love WoW: Because whenever I show up to work I feel needed, like someone is waiting for me.  Because I can explore and get better at my passion, learn, but also for help with exploring my personality.  From my coworkers, I can always find someone here who will help me, not only with treatments but also spiritual and mental support.
– Kasia

Wellness on Whyte for me, is not a mere collective of like-minded professionals who are passionate about healing individuals who share an amazing work space who clock in and out of their shifts. But rather, we are a big family with diverse backgrounds and modalities who thrive in this melting pot by helping each other and living the conscious company culture reality. Seeing patients here does not feel like coming in for work. The values imbibed here feels like a second home.
– Dr.Merchant

Happy Ten-year Anniversary Wellness on Whyte!