I am at Ease

I am at Ease
April 30, 2022 WoW admin
I am at Ease
What puts me at ease?
Not deadlines.  Not leaving things to the last minute.  Yet, I am writing this blog a day before the deadline, after volunteering to write something over a month ago.  I had an incredible  idea for this blog that I was very excited about, and when that fell through, I was left feeling uninspired, frustrated and totally not “at ease.”
So, after much balking, stomping my feet, bargaining, and trying to pawn off the task on other colleagues – I finally sit here, take a deep breath, and in an effort to brainstorm, write a list of what makes me feel at ease.  Here it is:
  • A cup of chamomile tea (2 tea bags, depending on the day)
  • Writing a silly poem for a friend
  • Coming home to a clean apartment
  • Palo Santo
  • A long walk home over the High Level Bridge after a busy day at work
  • Elaborate avocado toast
  • Abood (my cat) snuggled on my lap
  • Sitting in my “secret spot” in the river valley
  • Forehead kisses
  • Talking to a friend when my mind is cluttered
  • My morning meditation with movement and many hip circles
  • Facial extractions (popping my clients pimples)
  • Singing myself the blues when I can’t sleep
  • Gazing at the moon
  • Spa days
  • Reading my favourites poems & prayers
  • Solo dance parties in my living room
  • A hot bath with candles and a perfectly curated playlist
  • Waking up knowing I prepped the coffee pot the night before
  • A sad song
  • Writing lists of things that make me feel happy/ that make me feel grateful
  • Remembering that: Life is short, I will die, everything is impermanent, and it’s truly the little things that make a life so special.
Reflecting on all of this, I now smile and chuckle at myself.  I am reminded I don’t have to take myself so seriously. I am grateful for this amazing life with all of its joys and challenges. And just like that, I am at ease.