Homeopathy and Male Disorders

Homeopathy and Male Disorders
May 31, 2022 WoW admin

A Brief Summary

Practice of medicine does not distinguish between sex, gender identity, race or social class. A true Homeopath is an unprejudiced observer who diligently notes patterns of disease evolution in a patient and also strongly considers the presenting specific physical symptoms, the individual’s health history, inherited family history, temperament and mental make-up to match a remedy profile that is very similar to that of the patient’s.

Yet, over 18 years of practice has demonstrated that men only make up 15% of my practice. And over half of those are prodded by their partners to see me for their health needs.

I have observed boys are four times more likely to demonstrate autism spectrum disorder and the same ratio holds true for ADHD. And when these boys are at the cusp of adulthood, worried parents seek Homeopathic support when Adderall does not cut it and they are concerned of their son’s future, lack of focus and falling grades. This is an area where Homeopathy excels in late onset learning disorder with underlying ADHD tendencies.

Another diagnosis that flies under the radar is depression and all too often depression opens the door to substance abuse. Homeopathic remedies are a considerable force to reckon with in such cases to help build resistance to addictive behaviors and aid in behavior modification as these remedies help reset the neurotransmitter disruption observed when illicit drug substances are used.

Lastly, I specialized in treating lifestyle disorders when I was in India. This is a broad term used for conditions that can be modified by changing diet, sleep habits and adopting healthier life choices, but are compounded by factors such as heredity and modern lifestyle that end up feeding metabolic disorders, hypertension, dyslipidemia, diabetes, etc.

Men are generally more comfortable within the orthodox medical system if they need treatment for these conditions. According to that model, common conditions like high blood pressure, high cholesterol or stomach ulcers are usually considered chronic and genetically predetermined and can only be treated by taking medication for life.

There is modern research however which indicates that genetics are not set in concrete, but rather that genetic codes can respond and change according to the environment they are in. It means if the environment within the body is changed, so too is the pattern by which cells are reconstructed. And there has been research to suggest that Constitutional Homeopathic treatments have displayed to correct alterations in genetic codes as seen in trials of Apis melifica and gene expression of prostate epithelial cells, and more recently, one of my post graduate studies mentor in India- Dr Khuda-Bukhsh and his team of researchers usedHPV18 positive cells to test the effects of the ultra-high dilutions of Condurango 30C and Hydrastis canadensis 30C on gene expression when compared to controls. They were able to demonstrate significantly different gene expression patterns of genes associated with carcinogenesis for the ultra-high dilutions, when compared to controls. Hydrastis canadensis and Condurango are both commonly used as homeopathic medicines in cancer cases. Classical homeopathic stalwarts such as Dr John Henry Clarke cited Hydrastis as the remedy that has cured more cases of cancer than any other single remedy almost 150 years ago.

Successful treatments change the vibrational environment within the body. I find that my patients report feeling more relaxed, more energised and more positive. Their blood work attests to healthier developments as well.

I believe and stand confident in highly individualized care through the Homeopathic lens. It is root based health care with a longer lasting therapeutic impact.