A Journey of Selfish Discovery

I grew up with a deep seeded shame around the concept of selfishness; the word, the idea of it, the ability to comfortably make choices that were right for me without the guilt and heaviness that would inevitably follow. This inability to be accountable to my needs kept me in a consistent pendulum swing.

Becoming Limitless

We are amongst a new age spiritual revolution. An embrace of alternative healing therapies from across cultures has the western world’s focus on holistic health. It’s all about that mind, body, soul connection. So why the hell do you still feel so disconnected?

I Am Sacred too

Uggg, it’s November, fall has ended and we are experiencing the “in between” time before winter arrives in all its fullness. This time is filled with snow then rain with temperatures ranging from -10 to +10 and as a parent I have no idea how to dress my children for school…


My 9 year old describes being calm is being in a state of peacefulness- like being outside in nature, in a sunny field feeling the cool breeze on your skin, listening to the birds and the brook, observing how the birds fly in patterns and taking in all the beautiful colors.

Blog – I am sacred

‘Self care during the holiday season’

It seems a bit of a contradiction in terms, because it should be obvious that holidays are about self care and yet, Christmas season tends to be filled with anxiety, depression and many emotional challenges.

Opening to awareness: Practicing Calm

There’s that spot between the shoulder blades -a knot that feels sharp and painful. The tension rests there and it seems as if very little will release it. A kink in the neck…I just woke up and now I can’t turn my head. This could last for the next few days. Sound familiar? We all get these little reminders from our body to pay attention.

I Am Immune: Vaccine Season

When I hear the word Immunity, it sounds synonymous with Protection, Exempt or Unaffected by an assault or trauma, either physical or psychological.

The medically trained side of me thinks more on the lines of Immunology- how our body’s wisdom is capable of warding off infections by micro-organisms and how seemingly mundane organs like the skin, mucous membrane linings of our airways and gut help in regulating our immunity.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

How many of us have identified with Jack? I have. As the old proverb from 1659 suggests we all need to find our happy medium. We live in fast times. We are always hustling and trying to meet deadlines (like I tend to with my blogs, much to our Social media consultant’s dismay!). Sometimes we just get sucked into an endless cycle of existential crisis.

I am immune

Anything but that.. The magical properties of sleep…
Ok, I’ll admit it and will chime in with my 2 cents worth -it has not been the best of summers. We have had so much rain I have finally admitted defeat and will let the slugs eat the rest of the vegetables in my garden. They can have them. May all beings be happy and nourished!

I am Balanced – Finding Balance within a Woman’s Cycle

The other month I found myself apologizing to my family for an emotional outburst, explaining that it was “that time…

When you can’t find balance … find your centre

Ahhhh balance – that elusive element that we’re pretty sure if we could find it, we’d be happier. When we think of balance we have this nice neat picture in our head – our day divided into equal parts -work, play, exercise, time for connecting with family and friends, eating and hopefully sleeping. We refer to balance quite a bit in our lives, balanced meals, work/home life, how much we take on and the activities we pursue.

I Am Energized

My name is Aziz Merchant and I am a Homeopathic Physician. I am truly grateful to all my patients who have trusted their health in the healing hands of Homeopathy and I have always strived to live up to the trust and belief they have time and again placed in me.

Asking Better Questions: Because We Have To

I was asked recently by Marketing Consultant Sara Bruno to comment on what I believe individualized medicine is for the world. Questions such as these come at a remarkable time in human history when never before have humans collectively created so quickly the problems that now threaten the existence of our species and the planet as a whole – …

Drink Deeply From the Nectar of Life: I Am in the Moment

In the Inka’n Peruvian tradition the hummingbird is considered to be the animal that represents timelessness. She is the only bird that can fly front or backwards, horizontally or vertically, hover, or stop dead in her tracks while flying at full speed.

Healing From The Inside Out

In the beginning was a void called Chaos – an open chasm of emptiness- infinitely deep, dark and silent. The Greek poet Hesiod poetically describes ‘Creation’ as the imposition of a positive reality on this negativity/ absence. Key to this reality was the capacity for change.

I Am Transformed

I thought I had always been committed to a healthy conscious lifestyle. Although I have learned that living consciously is actually a spectrum; we navigate through many levels as we learn and grow. This journey my body has taken me on, has showed me that self-work requires constant attention. Your bottom-line will always grow as long as you remain curious and invite growth into your life.

What Is Forgiveness? – Natasha’s Blog

A metaphoric interpretation on forgiveness from the poetic mind of Natashaʼs artistic
persona, Natasia Divina, based on her own experience in discovering what forgiveness
has meant for her.

Nicole – Blog Post

First of all, thank you.

For trusting me with a portion of your care and for allowing me to contribute to your wellness journey in whatever way that came in.

I am transformed.

Transformation is an experience that is available to everyone. The form of currency it takes however, is usually discomfort. Some common opportunities are: Pregnancy, infertility, death, illness, marriage, divorce, new business, apologising, moving, etc.

Abhyaṅga Warm Oil Massage ~ A Purifying Transformation

Many people ask me, what is the difference between Abhyaṅga Warm Oil Massage and other techniques such as Swedish or Sports Massage? Western techniques tend to have a sole focus on treating the physical body, using a variety of effective techniques on the myofascial system. Here a lotion or ointment is used simply with the intent of lubrication for soft tissue manipulation; and potentially for relief of pain or inflammation, if the ointment is also infused with herbs.

Podcast with Geha

“Geha has an incredible amount of experiences in her life which she shared only a fraction of with me in this episode. It was a very meaningful conversation filled with vulnerability and life lessons and meaningful moments in all of the things that she has done.” – The Lifestyle Chase

Centering: Creating a Mindful Practice of Ease

At various times in my life, I have found myself to be extremely busy. These last three or four weeks have been like that. Elise, my wife was away at a workshop, we are selling our Volkswagon westfalia and our Boler which have needed to be cleaned and fixed up, there is school and lunches and play for the kids and then my practice here at Wellness on Whyte. I won’t bore you with the other details but let’s just say I’ve been busy…

I Am at Ease

We live in modern times – stressful times. The human race has always had the power of reason and the will to control its environment. But thinking he can control everything in his domain takes toll on the health of the human being…

Social Media & Self Worth: I Am Enough

Does social media ever make you feel inadequate?
Is it easy for you to compare your life to those you see online?
How can we be reminded of our own enoughness?
Like many people I have a love-hate relationship with social media …

I Am Enough

“I am a failure- I did not work hard enough. Everything I did, ended up not being good enough!”
I heard this admission from Steve- a 40 something professional who was seeking help originally for his gout and IBS. But a Homeopathic physician is interested in not the symptoms, which are the end result of a deeper disturbance- I was curious to know how Steve’s mind, body and spirit ended up in this state that he was in …

I Am Happy

~ The practice of creating quiet and how that feels in our body ~

Have you noticed that it’s starting to get a bit lighter in the morning and staying lighter at the end of the day? I love this time of year – I breathe in a deep breath as I realize that spring is approaching. It’s not quite here yet but very soon and it feels good in my body.

Get Happy with Abdominal Cupping Massage

I have a complicated relationship with my digestive system.  While I know that this complex of organs works so hard…

What’s an Abdominal Cupping Massage?

When was the last…

I Am Love

“What is Love? Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more.” – Haddaway, May 1993 (I just had to…

Welcome Christine!

Wellness on Whyte is thrilled to welcome Christine Woodlock R.Ac, TCMD Christine’s journey of self discovery began nine years ago…