The Healing of Gua Sha (刮痧)

Thank you to all my curious Patients who love to learn about the history and culture behind Chinese medicine and acupuncture. I dedicate this to you!

I am at Ease

What puts me at ease?
Not deadlines.  Not leaving things to the last minute.  Yet, I am writing this blog a day before the deadline, after volunteering to write something over a month ago. 

Blissful Reiki Sound Bath Meditation

A guided meditation paired with the soothing sounds of the tongue drum create a tranquil environment for the body and mind to sink into a deep state of relaxation. Combined with Reiki, an energetic healing technique that activates the natural healing process of the body, this is truly an immersive experience.

I am Enough

Hello lovely souls, it is time to celebrate Spring and of course, ourselves. It is our time to shine, to bloom and to spread our wings!

I am curious to know how you measure your worth. Do you let others decide for you when you are worthy?

We are Happy! 

We are Happy! As we celebrate our milestone ten-year anniversary, our staff reflected on why Wellness on Whyte is a special place to work.

“I Am Love”

I must tell you that I scratched off the original blog material I was writing since January to publish in February, when on a Wednesday, my daughter came home from school, gleaming: “Daddy, I have something for you!”

And she pulled out from her backpack The Vinyl Cafe by Stuart McLean.

I Am Limitless

A new year and a fresh slate. That familiar time of year when anything feels possible. The
goals are being created and action plans put into place…cautiously of course. No need to
make the goals too ambitious in fear of disappointment or failure. Holding back just a bit, in
case something doesn’t go as planned.

The Heart of Creation

The probability of you being born, the odds of you even existing here on Earth are estimated to be about one in 400 trillion. Yet, here you are.

Healing in Winter

In Chinese Medicine the season of Winter is associated with our Kidneys. Winter teaches us the art of “resting and reflecting.” In nature it is an ideal time for animals to hibernate, for us it is a wonderful time for conserving and rebuilding Energy or Qi (chee).

Calm Amongst The Dumpster Fire

Merriam-Webster has added the term “Dumpster Fire” to the dictionary, calling it the phrase of our time. The informal noun is defined as “an utterly calamitous or mismanaged situation or
occurrence, a disaster.”

Blissfully Be

I am sitting on my balcony daybed wrapped in a cozy blanket as I write this, sipping on chai tea. With each sip, I close my eyes, drinking in the warmth of the spice, and the sun on my skin. A bird chirps nearby—a welcome interruption from distant tires rolling on the pavement. I bask in the sounds, fresh air, and sunshine.

Healing in Autumn

In Chinese Medicine the season of Autumn is associated with our Lungs. Autumn teaches us the art of “letting go” and how to embrace positive or negative changes in one’s life. If our feet represent the roots of a tree, and the branches represent our arms and hands, the leaves are our life experiences that we currently hold onto.

I am balanced

How many times have…

I Am Energized

Energy is the ability…

Acupuncture for Fertility: FAQ with Ashley and Christine

At Wellness on Whyte,…

I am in the Moment – A Reflection and Love Letter

Darling reader, It is…

Transforming Burnout into Aliveness through Reflection

Recovering from burnout can be daunting. For many, our life is a constant striving for a “better now”. And investing too much of ourselves into one life activity—whether that be work, school, family life, or even an extracurricular—can eventuate in exhaustion and drain vital energy.

Creating Ease in the Present Moment

When I think of…

Facial Gua Sha Tutorial

See Our Facial Gua Sha Tutorial with Sandra Shim

I am Enough

A mantra is (originally in Hinduism or Buddhism) a word, statement, slogan or sound used repetitiously to aid in concentration and meditation. Our brain, like computer hardware, can be programmed with our thoughts. Mantras are like codes for the software of our brains.

Interview with Geha Gonthier

Wellness on Whyte will be celebrating their 9 year anniversary on March 6th, 2021. I sat down to chat with Geha Gonthier, founder and owner of WoW to discuss the evolution of these past 9 years in business, her background in communal living, and what inspires the vision behind the work that she does today.

Self Care from the Outside In

How much water do you drink? Do you have a skin care routine? What products do you use? How is your stress level?
These are some questions I might ask you at the beginning of an aesthetics appointment. I’m not looking for “right” answers; just the answers. This is to help identify any problems so I can help you find solutions.

A Gift for You from Geha Gonthier: Yoga Nidra Video

This video will help…

Anna Cott Shares With Us An Abundance Prayer.

Anna Cott Shares With…

I Am Sacred

“He betrayed my trust…

I am sacred as I am.

I am sacred as…

Self-care from Home: Sacred Time for You

Staying well right now…

Immunity: A blog by Dr. Aziz Merchant BHMS, MDHOM

Topic of Immunity may have never been as pertinent to the our modern times than the current pandemic. While governments are scrambling to dole out a vaccine that will bypass all safety standards, libertarian groups are calling this all a hoax and screaming deeper conspiracy. Where does one find sanity and security? The deaths around us are real.

I Am Calm

We are in the final quarter of 2020, and at many stages of this year, it has felt as though finding calm is a revolutionary act. With recent world affairs bringing us together globally, there’s also been profound polarization felt across the earth. We’ve witnessed circumstances that have incited fear, tension, and vulnerability. We’ve felt the ache of worrying for our loved ones. We’ve met the pain of loss, and touched uncertainty with our own hands.