Client Intake Forms

*If you did not receive a link to your intake form in your booking confirmation or reminder emails, please phone our team so that we can provide you with a link.* 780-437-9355

Homeopathy Clients: please find your online intake form here: Homeopathy Intake Form.  Please submit this form at least 48 hours prior to your appointment.

All other intake forms are found in a link in your booking confirmation and booking reminder emails.  Clients who book on the Mindbody app will not receive the intake form link in their booking email.  If you did not receive this email, or you would like the email resent, please contact our Wellness Coordinators by phoning 780-437-9355.  You can also text your request with your name and preferred email using our virtual Wellness Coordinator chat bot, or email

Failure to complete your intake form prior to your appointment may result in missed time from your treatment.  If you have require any assistance, we would be happy to assist you.  Please contact us on 780-437-9355,, or use our virtual chat bot on our website.

Thank you!