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    Sacred Rain

    Sacred Rain, also called Raindrop technique is a very powerful healing and cleansing therapy using 9 pure essential oils. It is a blend of aromatherapy, reflexology, massage and the application of moist heat on the spine.

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    Relaxing, Custom Treatments JUST for YOU!

    Here at Wellness on Whyte, we pride ourselves on our offerings of unique, customized treatment protocols JUST for YOU! What…

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    Sacred Rain at Wellness on Whyte

    Sacred Rain is a treatment protocol we offer here at Wellness on Whyte and is based on Raindrop Technique, developed…

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    Fabulous, Fantastic Fathers!

    Father’s Day is on Sunday June 16th. As I perused the interweb for inspirational quotes related to fathers and fathering,…

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    Snuggling Up To Change

    Happy February everyone! I don’t know about you, but I perceive that these days are ones of great change. Change,…

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