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    Wellness on Whyte - Facial

    I Am Immune: The Golden Path to Skin Health: Facial

    It’s not a new trend! In China during the Sung Dynasty (960-1279 AD), Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture was performed in the Royal Palace on the Empress, Emperor and Concubines. It is an ancient practice that revitalizes the qi (energy) and blood flow in the body and face, rejuvenating the skin and promoting longevity.

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    Noelle wellness on whyte

    2020 has undoubtedly been an uphill battle filled with obstacles and uncertainty.

    As if people didn’t already have enough to worry about in their lives, adding a global pandemic into the mix is a sure-fire way to turn even the sanest person into a dizzying worry wort. So what are the pros and cons of worrying? Is there such a thing as a healthy amount of worry? Or can too much worrying actually make you sick?

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    I Am Balanced: The Golden Path to Skin Health

    Our skin is a mirror that reflects and tells the story of our holistic health, it is the body’s largest organ that alerts us and protects us from harm externally and internally.

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    I AM HAPPY by Aziz Merchant

    Is happiness mere absence of sadness? Is happiness a feeling we are all entitled to due to some special karmic privilege? Quite often in my practice have I asked my patients if they were happy with their lives, and this question would provoke a thoughtful introspection. Some ponder over the true meaning of happiness, some try to grasp if what they perceive as happiness is really what it is, or not.

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    Anna Cott Nutrition at Wellness on Whyte

    Introducing Nutritional Therapy Consultation at Wellness on Whyte

    Some of you may recognize our own Anna Cott from her work on the management team at Wellness on Whyte. Anna’s lifelong passion is nutrition and she has both a degree and a diploma in this fascinating field.

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    Wellness on Whyte Introduces our NEW Doctor of Homeopathy

    Hi. My name is Dr. Aziz Merchant (BHMS, MD-Hom) and I am your new Homeopathic Physician at Wellness on Whyte.…

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    Featuring Allergy Products at WoW

    We have an array of products at Wellness on Whyte to support you through allergy season. For some, this season…

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