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    geha-gift wellness on whyte

    A Gift for You from Geha Gonthier: Yoga Nidra Video

    This video will help…

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    Geha Gonthier

    Blog – I am sacred

    ‘Self care during the holiday season’

    It seems a bit of a contradiction in terms, because it should be obvious that holidays are about self care and yet, Christmas season tends to be filled with anxiety, depression and many emotional challenges.

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    Podcast with Geha

    “Geha has an incredible amount of experiences in her life which she shared only a fraction of with me in this episode. It was a very meaningful conversation filled with vulnerability and life lessons and meaningful moments in all of the things that she has done.” – The Lifestyle Chase

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    Facebook and Instagram Live Sanctuary Sundays

    As a health and wellness clinic, we receive many questions from clients about how to better their health and experience…

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    Earth Element & Self-Care

    As highlighted in our monthly newsletter, March, according to concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, is the time of the spleen…

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    What is love?Upon browsing the world-wide web on the topic, I discovered that precise question was the most searched phrase…

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    What is a resolution? The online definition of resolution is: 1) to make a firm decision around something, and, 2)…

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    Health as an Experience

    What is health? What does it mean? Health means different things to different people. Foundational concepts of holistic practice define…

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    A Diabetes Diet, Part II

    I’d like to provide more details on my last column regarding nutrition for diabetics. This column is NOT intended to…

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    A Diabetes Diet

    I used to write a column called Holistic Health 101 for one of the local papers here in Edmonton. I…

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    Summer Heat Rising

    Over the last few days, summer has shown us that it truly has arrived! While heat beats down upon us,…

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    Fabulous, Fantastic Fathers!

    Father’s Day is on Sunday June 16th. As I perused the interweb for inspirational quotes related to fathers and fathering,…

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    Snuggling Up To Change

    Happy February everyone! I don’t know about you, but I perceive that these days are ones of great change. Change,…

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    The Spring Liver (Not Comparable to the Spring Chicken!)

    It’s spring and today is about the 3rd time I’ve heard the season being associated with the liver: our largest…

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