• Geha Gonthier Wellness on Whyte Edmonton

    Geha Gonthier

    Services offered: Acupuncture/TCM, Tarot, Qi Gong Therapy (more…)

  • Sandra Wellness on Whyte

    Sandra Shim

    Services offered: Acupuncture/TCM, Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture (more…)

  • Mykayla Sorensen

    Services Offered: Acupuncture (more…)

  • Leslie Senger Wellness on Whyte Edmonton

    Leslie Senger

    Services offered:  Traditional Massage.  I Am Woman. Sacred Rain Massage.   Sugaring. (more…)

  • Noelle Rivet Wellness on Whyte Edmonton

    Noelle Rivet

    Services offered:  Traditional Massage. Cupping Massage. (more…)

  • Jessica Valois Wellness on Whyte

    Jessica Valois

    Services Offered: Massage, Reiki Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Cupping Massage, Prenatal Massage, Sacred Rain Massage, Reiki. (more…)

  • Harry Wellness on Whyte

    Harry Wojdak

    Services Offered: Traditional Massage (more…)

  • Wellness on Whyte - Zoe

    Zoe Kolskog

    Services Offered: Massage (more…)

  • Kyla Gorman

    Services Offered: Acupuncture, Massage (more…)

  • Katarzyna Gwozdz Edmonton Wellness on Whyte

    Katarzyna Gwozdz

    Services offered: Facials.  Sugaring. (more…)

  • Valerie Poh Edmonton Wellness on Whyte

    Valerie Poh

    Services offered: Facials, Makeup, Manicure, Pedicure, Sugaring (more…)

  • Annie Dietrich

    Services offered: Facials, Makeup, Manicure, Pedicure, Sugaring (more…)

  • Anna Cott

    Services offered: Nutritional Therapy Consultation (more…)

  • Aziz Merchant - Wellness on Whyte Edmonton

    Dr. Aziz Merchant

    Services Offered: Homeopathy (more…)

  • Tuuli Nelson

    Services Offered: Astrology (more…)

  • Brittany Fader

    Services Offered: Massage, Cupping Massage, Sacred Rain Massage, Reflexology, Reflexology Massage, and Sugaring
    *Please be advised that Brittany is on maternity leave beginning October 8, 2021*

  • Ashley Perry Wellness on Whyte Edmonton Acupuncture

    Ashley Perrin

    Services Offered: Acupuncture
    *Please be advised that Ashley is on maternity leave beginning October 19, 2021*

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