Telehealth Emotional Polarity Technique™ (EPT™)

Emotional Polarity Technique™ (EPT™) is a completely different approach in emotional healthcare. Rather than relying on conventional drug therapy or traditional talk therapy, EPT™ relies on the science of forgiveness. EPT™ has over 25 years of clinical success ending all manners of physical and emotional pain and suffering in adults and children.

Please note that EPT sessions are offered via Telehealth, for healthcare from the convenience of your home.  Please contact us for more information if you wish.

Emotional Polarity Technique™ (EPT™) is designed to help those who are looking for an alternative approach to the emotional components of their holistic healthcare. EPT™ is a blend of energy work, intuition and forgiveness coaching.

In a healthy body, energy flows unobstructed. Past emotional and physical trauma can cause energetic blockages which, if unresolved, may lead to dis-ease and negative emotional/behavioural patterns that can prevent you from creating what you really want in life or even healing from the pain or stress showing up physically, spiritually and mentally. In EPT™, we identify the energetic blockages and original conditioning events that are translating to pain or stress on a physical level in the body.

EPT™ is a 4-step collaborative process where first a perceived problem (stress, physical or emotional pain and suffering, etc) is focused on. Second we find the root issue causing the problem by using muscle testing and simple questions. Third, we fix the body’s response to the problem and root memory using rare earth N/S pole magnets, deep breathing and intention to interrupt the old negative signals playing out in your subconscious awareness. Finally, we release the blocked energy and reprogram with positive affirmations, forgiveness statements and breathing.

EPT™ is structured to open pathways to true forgiveness to immediately transform the body, mind and spirit to relax and heal what needs healing. The EPT™ focus on forgiveness ignites miraculous, spontaneous healing by coaching each person into their own unique and relevant “forgiveness moment” through targeted forgiveness statements.”

In 4-7 sessions, Emotional Polarity Technique™ (EPT™) can help you gain the awareness, love and acceptance you need to let go of what is no longer serving you.  YOU CAN create more of what you REALLY want in your life, right now.

Are you ready to show up for you and your life? Change starts with you! Are you ready?  It’s not where you thought you were going, it’s so much better!

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Telehealth Initial 90-min Emotional Polarity Technique™ – $110

Telehealth Follow-up 90-min Emotional Polarity Technique™ – $160

Telehealth Follow-up 60-min Emotional Polarity Technique™ – $110

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