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    Every time I come into your space, I love it. It’s never customary – it is always new.  – Duncan

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    I recently broke out in painful cystic acne and I started seeing Katarzyna for regular facials in hopes of improving my skin.  The extractions are not pleasant, and it is still a work in progress, but the results have been great; most of the acne has cleared up and the texture of my skin is smoother. What I appreciate most about Katarzyna is her kindness; she has called me to check on my recovery between treatments and always makes time for follow up appointments. – Anonymous

  • I have attended the “Sparkling Hill” yoga retreat with Geha Gontier three times because it is a gem!

    For me the priority of a yoga retreat is the quality of the yoga.  Geha’s yoga retreat is of high quality her vast knowledge and years of experience of teaching yoga with her perspective of asana instruction bring out the energetics of your body.  The yoga sequence is a combination of a flow type yoga interspersed with bodily energy work thus allowing your body to release and flow resulting in flowing energy and calmness simultaneously.

    Of note not only is the yoga divine the venue of the Sparkling Hill resort is gorgeous and luxurious!  The room where yoga is taught twice a day has stunning views of rolling green hill vistas that are breath taking and pleasing to the eye.

    The hotel rooms are beautifully appointed and my personal favourite a bathtub you can immerse your entire body up to your neck!

    The food is fantastic and tasty that will satisfy discerning foodies.  I love sitting in the beautiful dining room for both breakfast and dinner that provides an ariel type view of the Okanogan lake and believe me it is stunning.

    I recommend this retreat as a must attend at the end of 4 glorious days I always feel relaxed, energized and inspired!

    Anonymous, Edmonton, AB.

  • A beautiful space, considerate and competent staff, a really great massage. Parking was easy, Blush Lane market right there for buying a few groceries afterward. What more could you ask for ?! – Karen M.

  • I always have an unreal experience at Wellness on Whyte. All of the acupuncturists I have worked with are lovely, knowledgeable and very good at what they do. I have and will continue to refer my friends and family. – Amber

  • It’s my sanctuary!! Everyone here exudes love, health and good spirits. I go for regular facial treatments and Katarzyna is the best therapist I have ever had. Her facial massage is very relaxing (I’ve fallen asleep almost every time) and her treatments provide real results. I look years younger and my skin is in the best condition that it has been in years. – Anastasia

  • I was referred to Geha for acupuncture after suffering from chronic stress, anxiety and headaches for four years. She spent time doing her initial assessment and I felt calm, relaxed and optimistic after my first treatment. I saw her weekly for the first month and then we began to space out the appointments. Fast forward five months and I am doing amazing! I have been to other acupuncturists in the past, but there’s just something about Geha that is unique, special and one of a kind. Thank you so much! – Anonymous

  • Sparkling Hill Retreat has become a tradition I look forward to honouring every year. This getaway offers a balance of rest and rejuvenation. The daily practices are so healing and create new openings, the spa facilities are truly outstanding, and the trails surrounding the resort are a wonderful way to recharge and reconnect. Each year I leave this retreat with new lessons and learnings that deepen my soul connection! 

  • I love WoW because it has given me back my health and spirit…Geha is absolutely amazing with TCM …  truly a harmonious sanctuary, peaceful…what healing is all about.  – Anonymous

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    I see Geha regularly for acupuncture, but I have received more than the benefits of acupuncture. Geha has offered me suggestions for lifestyle changes ranging from dietary changes to ways to reduce stress. The holistic treatments she has recommended have helped to increase my energy, improve my digestion, and this year, I did not suffer from seasonal allergies.  Her encouragement and advice has made me conscious of the mind-body connection and making consistent healthy choices. – Anonymous