Yoni Steam


Vaginal steaming directs herb-infused steam into your vagina. The ancient practice of vaginal steaming has been used by many cultures to help with chronic menstrual disorders and infertility. Different than the idea of ‘douching’ – which is an invasive way of trying to clean the vagina, yoni steaming is a practice of sitting over a pot of steaming medicinal herbs. The subtle heat from the steam helps to increase circulation and brings fresh oxygenated blood to the tissues. The vapour from the steaming herbs also carries volatile oils that promote cleansing of the womb space and help to strengthen and tone the tissues.

Yoni steaming cleanses stagnant blood left in the uterus, regulates the menstrual cycle, and can even help to balance hormones. The herbal blends also speed healing and tonification after child birth, improve blood quality, increase blood circulation, warm the uterus, and can help energetically release stored emotions.

In addition, many women enjoy the practice of yoni steaming simply because it is relaxing, and encourages us to slow down, take time for ourselves, & connect consciously to our womb space.

Contraindications to Yoni Steam: Please note that there are some circumstances that mean yoni steaming is not right for you at this time.  If you are currently menstruating, experiencing fresh spotting, have had spontaneous heavy bleeding within the past 3 months, have had 2 periods per month over the last 3 months, are pregnant or possibly pregnant, or if you are trying to conceive and are past ovulation or IUI/IVF transfer, please call us 780.437.9355 for more information and to rebook your appointment.

To provide the most effective and safe service to our clients, those interested in yoni steam require a referral from one of our acupuncturists.  This can be made during an acupuncture treatment, or by your acupuncturist if you have seen them recently and your health has not changed.  If you do not wish to access acupuncture, a brief telehealth consultation is available so that an acupuncturist can create a safe and individualized treatment plan.  Only one consultation is required, as long as your health picture remains constant.  If your health does change, a repeat consultation may be required.  Please contact our reception for more information 780-437-9355

Yoni Steam – 10-20 minutes – $70.00

Yoni Steam Referral Consultation – 20 minutes – $30.00

Cancellation Policy

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