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    Jessica V.

    I Am Energized

    Our energy level change…

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    Justin at Wellness on Whyte
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    Change is Coming

    Step right up here’s…

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    A Little Shift in Perspective

    During these times of…

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    Incredibly Fresh and Addictive Quinoa Salad

    Incredibly Fresh and Addictive…

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    Welcome to our new therapist, Harry Wojdak

    We are welcoming a…

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    Movement at a time of Evolution

    Hello to friends and…

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    I Am Transformed

    Of all the natural…

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    Ayurvedic Daily Routine

    Ayurveda is an eternal science, something that has no beginning or end. It not only helps you to understand the value of life, but it also provides timeless direction that encourages one to live life in the most harmonious way possible.

    Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom that is meant to be used everyday, it’s not something you look for only when you need it. It’s very practical and accessible because its foundation is based in maintenance of good health and prevention of disease.

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    I am at Ease

    Here at Wellness on Whyte our monthly mantra, “I am at Ease”, seems to be relevant to the world now more than ever. The intensity of emotions being experienced world wide is essentially a magnifying glass on the emotional fluctuation we all deal with on a daily level.

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    Being at ease: What does it mean to you?

    Being at ease? What does it mean to you? It seems simple, doesn’t it? Yet, how can we achieve this wonderful feeling?

    I believe that feeling at ease is a blend of awareness and let go. We must be aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions and how we contribute to our wellbeing and the wellbeing of our home, not our physical home but our body, our soul and the Earth where we all live.

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    Running on Ice: Learning to trust in a time of uncertainty

    Hi everyone, I trust you are well and finding creative ways to deal with our new way of being. I’m sure if you’re like me, this is new and a lot of things are different. I’m home with my family, our kids aren’t going to school, I can’t just run out to the grocery store and pick up apples. It is all really quite different and truth be told a bit uncertain -we have no known path through this. And for me, that’s exciting. It’s like a wintery icy sidewalk that we have to walk across to get where we’re going. And if you live in Canada, you all know what I’m talking about.

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    To Coffee or Not to Coffee? The Question is, does it Make You Feel at Ease?

    I just love a strong-tasting, good-quality, black coffee. Sadly, however, it does not love me! There are pros and cons to every kind of food and drink and coffee’s benefits and downfalls are quite polarized in that is can be so good for your or so detrimental, depending on the individual.

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    I Am Enough: A Note on COVID-19 From our Very Own Dr. Aziz Merchant

    For me, I am what I believe. Being Enough gives me a sense of Abundance, a solace in satisfaction. And what gives me this sense is knowing that I belong to a community- a community that is under threat from a historic pandemic. In situations of pandemic, the goal is to protect the part of our population that is most vulnerable. We need to look after our elderly population. We have to limit and stop the spread of this disease. We have to limit and stop the spread of misinformation on social media and gravitate to official authorities.

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    The truth is, throughout my life I have had a tenuous relationship with the concept of happiness. From being described as “such a happy girl” as a young child, to chasing after happiness, to feeling as if I would never know what it meant to feel happiness I’ve run the gamut on the complex experience of happiness.

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    I AM HAPPY by Aziz Merchant

    Is happiness mere absence of sadness? Is happiness a feeling we are all entitled to due to some special karmic privilege? Quite often in my practice have I asked my patients if they were happy with their lives, and this question would provoke a thoughtful introspection. Some ponder over the true meaning of happiness, some try to grasp if what they perceive as happiness is really what it is, or not.

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    Oregano Oil – Use Sparingly During Cold and Flu Season- Plus More Immune Tips.

    While cold and flu season is in full swing, please heed a wee warning from your resident nutrition consultant. Oregano oil is all the rage for fighting seasonal viruses, and it really works! However, I cringe when I hear these types of statements “I take oregano oil every day during winter to prevent getting a bug.”

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